Temporary Monuments: Work by Rosemary Mayer, 1977-1982

Edited by Marie Warsh and Max Warsh

Introduction by Gillian Sneed

Soberscove Press, Chicago, IL


The first comprehensive presentation of Mayer’s ephemeral outdoor installations, Temporary Monuments explores this body of work and its varied documentation through photographs, writings, artists’ books, and drawings. An introductory essay by Gillian Sneed situates Mayer within the New York art world of the 1970s and ‘80s, connecting her work to other artists, such as Gordon Matta Clark and Claus Oldenberg, and introducing her artistic dialogic with Ree Morton. Sneed also further defines Mayer’s particular form of public art, arguing that she “surpassed the types of installation art then in vogue . . . to innovate an entirely new genre of art that connected people and places with histories, both personal and public.”




Lecture by Marie Warsh on Temporary Monuments and Rosemary’s art book practice, as part of the Classroom series at the New York Art Book Fair, September 22, 2018. Audio of this lecture can be found here.